Monday Work Team Fellowship

Commencing on Monday 20 June 2016 St.James Church opened for fellowship and work.

Various teams in the Church are meeting up to do their work in and around the Church premises.

We hope this new idea is going to really take off and eventually the Church building will be open most days in the week and as the word gets around we expect to see people walking in off the street to find out what we're doing and maybe chatting with us over tea and coffee. If someone needs prayer or wants to pray we will be happy to prayer with them or for them.

We wanted there to be a real buzz of activity and fellowship to welcome people in and a recent visitor made the comment that there was indeed a real buzz at St.James, Doncaster.

The morning begins with a short service of Celtic Morning Prayer.We think it important to start our endeavours with prayer and commit what we're doing to the Lord.

Our Cleaning Team will clean the building on Monday mornings so they will be around and from time to time there may be various bits of DIY going on. Various Admin People will be working in the Vestry Office. Our Shoe Box Team from Operation Christmas Child will be progressing this years work on the shoe box gifts. Gardeners may be at work in the grounds outside. As the idea takes off it is hoped that Other Ministry Groups within the Church will take advantage of this opportunity to work in the Church.

At St.James we believe that everyone has a ministry in the Church and this is to be encouraged.

At 10.30 work will all stop for a tea or coffee break and to share fellowship. Eventually we hope to have a proper Cafe in the Main Church building. Work will then resume for as long as the various teams need to continue.Those who stay for longer have lunch and its a good opportunity to share.

So why not come and see what the Monday Crowd are getting up to ?

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