The Natural Rythmn of God's Creation

The Natural Rhythm Of God's Creation

This year has been a personally memorable year.  In July I was ordained deacon at Sheffield Cathedral (traditionally it is known as being made a Deacon), to serve my title here at St James' Doncaster as a Self Supporting Minister.  But 2017 is also the year I was diagnosed with the need for a pacemaker.  After undergoing a series of tests which included wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours, it was shown that an event was recorded that is known as an un-conductive P wave.   This meant nothing to me and at the time it didn't affect me as the incident happened when I was asleep.  However, to be sure further tests were ordered.  This time I was to wear a heart monitor for a week.  I had to press a green button on the monitor whenever I felt that I was experiencing a cardiac event, chest pains etc.  During that week I pressed the green button nine times.  The majority of these times was when I commuting to work in Sheffield from Doncaster by train or at work itself.

Then the results came.  I had picked up another heart event of the kind they were looking for.  Another un-conductive P wave was recorded.  This time it was whilst I was on the way to work and it could not be ignored.  The consultant Cardiologist advised that a pacemaker was required.  Why?

The heart beats to a rhythm.  I would describe it as a Du - Dum, Du - Dum, Du - Dum, Du - Dum rhythm.  Which of course pumps the blood around our bodies.  Within the heart there are two nodes, one in the upper chamber of the heart and the other in the lower chamber.  The heart beats by these two nodes communicating with each other.  The top node produces the Du beat and in response the bottom node produces the Dum beat.  The Du is produced and waits for the Dum and so the two nodes converse.  Occasionally in my situation the Du is produced and there is no Dum as it is missing.  Fortunately the Du is produced again and this time there is a Dum response.  The beats heard probably sound like this, Du - Dum, Du - Dum, Du - Dum, Du - ....  This could cause blackouts and there was a time when I could have such an experience when I was on an escalator which could place me in a dangerous situation.  There could come a time when the two nodes stop talking to each other altogether.  Which is why I consented to the operation and had the pacemaker fitted.

The pacemaker that I have is placed underneath my collar bone and it's two wires have been fed through my veins into the heart.  One to the top chamber and the other to the bottom chamber.  The pacemaker monitors my heart.  When it detects that one of the nodes does not respond to the beat of the other, then the pacemaker ensures it does respond and the heart is restored to the rhythm that it should beat to.

This has meant that I have had a lot to think about.  In a spiritual sense we need to live our lives to the natural rhythm of God's creation.  That is God's rhythm.  At times our hearts do not follow that rhythm.  Sometimes our hearts can beat to a rhythm that is not good for us.  Sometimes our hearts can beat out of time to the rhythm that God intended our hearts to beat to.  We need to get our hearts back to that rhythm.  In short we need a pacemaker.  Jesus is the pacemaker we need.  By following Jesus and asking him into our lives as Lord and Saviour, we live our lives according to the design that God the Father intends for us.  Discovering that our heart is not beating the way that it should, could be the wakeup call we need.  Sin causes the heart to beat to a different rhythm.  I am not interested in knowing what sin has interrupted the beating of your heart, or why your life may be out of step with God's plan.  All sins are equal in God's sight as they cause hearts to beat out of rhythm so to speak.  All sins cause people's lives to be out of step with God's will for them.  What I am interested in is that people recognise that their hearts are beating to a different rhythm and need Jesus to bring the beat of their heart into the rhythm that God intends our hearts to beat to.  We need Jesus in order to live a life that God intends for us to live.

How can we live our life according to the plan and purpose that God has for us?  We start by confessing our sin and bring it to Jesus.  By his death on the cross Jesus has become the means by which our sin is forgiven.  When we recognise this and confess our sin, God forgives our sin and cleanses us from all unrighteousness and restores us through Jesus to a relationship with God.  We all can now live as God intends us to live, in step to the rhythm of his life in us. 

Rev Mike Parnell. 12 November 2017

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