A-Z of Discipleship


Building strong foundations for a life of following Jesus. 

Written by Matthew Porter. 


Before Matthew Porter was ordained he was one of the worship leaders here at St James.  So it was with great interest that I read his book.

26 short chapters that enables the reader to grasp essential concepts of the Christian life.  Not only are they good for the young Christian no matter how old they are this book is good for the Christian who has been a Christian for a long time.  They go over important concepts that we need to grasp in order to communicate them to others without being condescending.

Matthew tackles some concepts that some people find difficult to understand.  For example T is for Trinity or X is for X-rated.  Other letters stand for obvious concepts that as disciples are to engage in such as M is for Mission and P is for Prayer.  Each chapter has been written to help us grow in our relationship with God, to connect us to the Church which is also the chapter C is for Church, to enable us to live as a follower of Christ in the culture we live in.

At the end of each chapter there is a suggestion of what to pray for to enable the young Christian to apply the teaching of that subject to their lives.

Rev. Mike Parnell 6 February 2018


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